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Networks and Security Systems

Digital information system company offers integrated solutions to different network systems. We design, execute and secure your networks, protect your private information and provide you with technical support. Digital information system always seeks to offer consultations, solutions and training on the latest technology through our consultants and work team who are qualified and trained to perform professionally under any circumstances with great confidence.

Digital information system solutions for network systems contain:
* Big companies and firms
* Average companies and firms
* Small companies and firms

* Local Area Network (LANs) and Wide Area Network (WANs)
* Sound transmitting networks
* Wireless Networks
* Video Conferencing
* Network and data security

Local Area Network (LANs) and Wide Area Network (WANs):
We analyze, design, build and support networks of different sizes. We have enough experience to build high efficiency networks whether they were local or wide. We provide you with the best solution with regard to programs, installation and machines that will operate in your system.

Local Area Network (LANs) and Wide Area Network (WANs):
The Digital Chains company has an experience in transmitting sound and data together. These are some of our solutions related to this:

* IP Telephony
* Voice Recording
* Billing Platforms
* Call centers and computer telephony integration

Wireless Networks:
Some companies and firms need local or wide wireless networks. We provide these companies and firms with these needs in addition to the security systems that are already there.

Network and data security systems:
We appreciate the need for the security of computer networks in companies. Hence, as a pioneer in our work field which is related to network security, we offer various solutions:
* (Virtual Private Networks) VPN
* Firewall (Hardware, Software)
* Anti-virus * Anti-spam