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Designing and Developing Websites

If you want a distinguished site that is of a high standard and professional design and performance, let Digital information system do it for you. Digital information system company has recruited a devoted, talented and experienced work team to do that. Our team members use the latest tools and technology in the field of designing, developing, hosting and managing websites on the internet. Our team members will work with you step by step from scratch till the opening of your site on the internet.

Why Digital information system?
* High standard of accuracy and quality.
* High standard performance and continuous technical support (24/7).
* Professional design with the latest technologies that suits all senses.
* Vast experience in designing and developing different websites.
* Support for the latest programming languages.

We provide you with the best solution to advertise about yourself, your activity and your firm in the form that you like and with the prices that you can afford. We make the best use of the internet to make and spread a site that is proper to your activity as you can choose from:

Personal Sites
Which aims at informing about some bodies and their activities. They can also display their resume and their works in a special field.

Watch some of our previous works.

This type of sites serves big companies and firms which may have many branches. The site contains a lot of services which interest the company clients like buying products from the site (e commerce). An example for these portals is the banks websites.

An application is designed that works on the internet or on the local network of the client with the purpose of achieving a special task. This application may be related with other programs for the client like accounting or HR programs. Hence, the client will be able to exchange data smoothly and easily. The application may also be related to a website on the internet and accordingly, the client will be able to use it from anywhere at any time.

Watch some of our previous works.

Additional Services
* Domain name registration
* Hosting your site for a year on the most modern servers
* Technical support and training to know how to track your site and update it.
* Search engine optimization